Project Management and Construction Management

The most important aspect of a project is the complete exchange of information by all members of the Owner’s Design Build team in an expeditious fashion. DINEEN dedicates a full-time experienced project manager and site supervisor to every project. They are responsible for the day-to-day administration and operation of the project and direct the Head Office involvement from DINEEN’s Estimating and Accounting departments. A senior estimator is assigned to follow projects during the budget and tender periods. Also, at any time the project manager and superintendent have access to the experience of DINEEN’s senior management, the other project managers (five) and/or estimators (five).

It is DINEEN Construction Corporation’s approach, under a Construction Management format, to involve the Client and Design Team in the tender process as a method of obtaining the best trades from all party’s experiences. This is consistent with DINEEN’s philosophy of full disclosure of all project information.

Usually, project schedule constraints necessitate the use of a sequential tender process. DINEEN, with the involvement of the Design Team, prepares comprehensive tender packages. DINEEN prepares a list of recommended trades to be invited to tender a specific scope of work. The Design Team and Client are asked for additional proponents based on their experiences as well as comments on DINEEN Construction Corporations’s list of trades. In addition to the actual scope of work, DINEEN, the Design Team and the Client will review bonding requirements, insurance parameters and union obligations for each scope of work, thus limiting the chances of the involvement of unqualified trades. Similarly, DINEEN, the Design Team and the Client may elect to have a completely open tender for a specific scope of work, inviting all possible proponents. There are benefits and hazards to each approach and the selected approach may be concluded based on a risk vs reward analysis.

DINEEN’s project manager and estimator will work with the Owner and DINEEN’s design team of consultants to help finalize the client’s construction requirements. DINEEN can assist the client in choosing an architect and consultants who have the specific experience for each type of project.

DINEEN’s management projects receive first-hand experience of the capabilities of many architectural firms. DINEEN’s team will suggest the fastest, safest and most cost-effective means to achieve clients’ goals. All options will be reviewed and discussed. As the scope of work is determined, DINEEN will finalize Construction Budgets and Schedules for client approval.

Stipulated Price

DINEEN Construction Corporation has successfully completed $50 million worth of construction projects each year for the past 10 years. With over $500 million in projects in the last decade, DINEEN is a proven leader in the industry in terms of project management, safety and quality. The majority of these projects were completed under a CCDC 2 fixed price contract. Further, all of these projects were bonded and fully insured as per the contract documents.

Design Build

With over 80 years of experience, DINEEN Construction Corporation has emerged as a leader among construction companies. In 2004, DINEEN Construction Corporation was awarded a design build award for the design and construction of the Economic and Development offices and parking garage for the City of Burlington. The design portion of this project demonstrated DINEEN’s knowledge and ability to work hand in hand with all of the departments within the City of Burlington to control the end product, while working with a predefined budget and schedule.

DINEEN’s Design Build portfolio includes a wide range of Industrial, Manufacturing, Commercial and Institutional buildings including:
• Eddie Bauer
• Peg Perego
• Toral Cast (Division of Magna International)
• Castrol Oil
• Saratoga Potato Chips
• Dynasty Furniture Manufacturing
• Nefab Inc.
• City of Burlington Parking Garage
• Montery Park Office Building
• Emix Office Building
• Car dealerships for Chrysler, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota.

All of this work has earned DINEEN Construction Corporation a long-standing reputation for excellence in the industry. DINEEN’s staff are proud of their impeccable safety record including no lost time injuries in the past eight years and receiving numerous safety performance awards. DINEEN’s commitment to safety is clear – all sites are monitored by an in-house safety officer as well as an independent safety committee to ensure the highest level of onsite safety for all staff and subtrades working on DINEEN’s behalf. DINEEN Construction Corporation has been a contributing member of the OGCA Safety Program for the past seven years.

DINEEN Construction Corporation is capable of providing a wide range of Design Build services in addition to construction. This includes in-house and outsourced drawings, locating sites, site plan approvals, permit applications, storm water management, mechanical and electrical process, design and construction. The guiding principle of our firm is to be aggressive in applying new designs, but to proceed from base-line proven experience.
DINEEN is committed to total client satisfaction through the continuing pursuance of project excellence and design innovation influenced by outstanding product quality, engineering and efficiency. With the ever-changing nature of the industry and corporate climate in Ontario, more corporations and businesses are looking at the Design Build method of construction.

Renovations and Alterations

DINEEN Construction has successfully completed over 100 projects with a total value over $100 million in renovations and additions. A vast majority of these contracts were fulfilled in an occupied facility. This demonstrates DINEEN’s ability to work within a restrictive environment while ensuring that the project is respectful of the area residents. Working closely with the client to ensure minimal disruption to their customers and staff and to ensure that the project schedule is not jeopardized, are key priorities on these projects. This is done while verifying that the end product is completed within the predefined budget and schedule.