The early years of the Corporation were guided by the Rule family under Albert E. Rule, President and Owner. Many varied projects were completed in Toronto during the Depression years, the highest profile of which was Humbercrest Public School. Following the Second World War, Albert Rule was succeeded by his sons, Russell and Albert Jr., together with John N. Gillies, their engineering classmate from the University of Toronto.

In 1965, Gerry Dineen and Keith Porter purchased the Corporation. After the passing of Gerry Dineen in 1977, the company was managed by Lloyd P. Kenyon, President, until 1980 when it was purchased by the Clarke family of Toronto. Peter J. Clarke was subsequently elected President, Lloyd Kenyon became Chairman and Carole Clarke, John Gillies’ daughter, was elected Vice Chairman.

Presently, DINEEN Construction is managed by Peter J. Clarke, LLB., Chief Executive Officer, William E. Love, P.Eng., President and COO, Eric R. Wight, P.Eng., Executive Vice President and Dennis Trevisiol, Vice President. DINEEN presently has more than 28 full time employees working at its Head Office and 25 full-time workers at various jobsites.

Throughout DINEEN Construction's 90 plus year history, DINEEN has completed more than 1,000 major projects in seven provinces.