Condos / Residential Construction & Renovation Services

Dineen Construction has completed numerous residential type facilities varying from values around
$15,000 for partial renovations to residences to entire multi-unit renovations at the University of
Toronto, Mississauga. We have constructed an underground concrete parking garage for a Client’s
expensive 10 car collection, under and around his existing residence, complete with car elevator. We
have converted abandoned spaces in a Perry Sound Hospital to a seniors’ life-lease facility and
abandoned City of Toronto structures into a native housing complex in Toronto. In 2000, we completed
a 100 bed hotel addition and massive renovation to the Deerhurst Resort and Conference Centre in
Huntsville. Recently Dineen completed the 94-unit high-end Capo di Monte Condo which had a
construction value in excess of $40 million and we are currently part way through a 155-unit condo in
Stouffville, for the same Client, with a similar construction value.

Be it large or small, we do it all. Our specialty in the residential field are those ‘unusual’ projects that
require an out-of-the-box thinking process but we have the ability to complete any idea someone
presents to us. We like the challenge.