Transportation Garage Construction

DINEEN Construction has successfully completed three major bus garage projects and numerous renovations to bus garages and shops for the Toronto Transit Commission, the Hamilton Transit Authority and Go Transit.

These projects range from the new construction of the 15,000m2 TTC Arrow Road Bus Garage and the 10,000m2 Hamilton Transit Bus Garage to the 6,000m2 addition to the Go Willowbrook Train Shop and the 10,000m2 renovation and addition to the TTC Wilson Garage. DINEEN Construction has also renovated the TTC Danforth bus garage and bus wash and the Steeprock Go Transit garage.

These projects were performed within fully operational bus garage facilities or in the case of Go Willowbrook and the TTC Wilson projects, for train facilities. All of the garages were equipped with bus storage, maintenance and facilities for the operations personnel. DINEEN’s site personnel have extensive experience in dealing with the daily logistics of bus schedules, personnel schedules and the intense safety required when performing construction operations around and near rolling stock. DINEEN’s construction staff are proud of our safety record of no lost time construction injuries in the last eighteen years and the many safety performance awards achieved. DINEEN Construction has been a contributing member of the OGCA Safety Program for several years.