Whitby Fire Code Retrofit Project

Value  $5,600,000.00

Project Location:
Whitby, Ontario

Project Duration:
11 months

The Whitby Hospital site was an evacuated building that was condemned after a fire. Dineen took the site and completely renovated parts of the basement and all four floors while the adjacent Dialysis Unit remained in full operation seeing patients daily. The building was completely outfitted with new life safety systems. Significant changes were made to the building’s façade, mechanical and electrical system and the interior was developed into colourful yet peaceful milieu of offices, treatment areas and clinics. The work also included moving/reconstructing the Whitby Dialysis Unit (from the trailer) into the renovated hospital facility.

Project Successes:
The entire project was completed on time and within budget, resulting in future work with the consultant’s team and Lakeridge Health Corporation.