Innovative Construction Solution

Dineen Construction is recognized for its high quality of workmanship, innovative solutions and speed of completion in the institutional sector construction projects. Our Large Contracts Department specializes in industrial, commercial and institutional projects ranging from $2,000,000 to $80,000,000 per individual project. Our Small Contracts Department operates from $10,000 to $2,000,000 per individual project and is largely responsible for our many repeat business clients. Repeat business has been and continues to be the foundation of our success. The Large Contracts operating range can be increase significantly depending on the type of contract. Dineen is committed to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection issues as outlined in our Health & Safety Program Manual.

Dineen has a long-standing reputation for construction and innovative solutions that have been earned in over 90 years' experience in all types of projects. We are committed to total client satisfaction through the continuing pursuance of project excellence and design innovation, influenced by outstanding product quality, engineering, efficiency and client satisfaction.

Dineen is proud of their impeccable safety record including no lost time injuries in the past eighteen years, over one million eight hundred man hours worked injury free and receiving numerous safety performance awards.

Dineen has been a contributing member of the OGCA Safety Program for eight years. Our spotless safety record demonstrates our commitment to safety. Dineen Construction's sites are monitored by our in-house safety officer as well as an independent safety committee to ensure the highest level of onsite safety for our staff and that of our subtrades working on our behalf.

Dineen 's core values are Sincerity, Safety, Trust and Commitment in all dealings with our customers, trades and staff.

Professional and open communication is a must to deliver any project successfully. Our clients become our partners in completing a rewarding project.

Our track record of no lost time construction injuries over the past 18 years is a product of our staff and company commitment to a safe project.

We are dedicated to earning the trust of our customers, trades and staff. This trust translates into repeat customers, experienced staff and dependable trades.

The leadership and staff of Dineen are totally committed to delivering our projects on time and on budget while abiding by our core values.