General Contractor

As General Contractors we take care of your projects from start to finish. Planning, executing, overseeing and inspecting the project to create a successful end result.

Project Planning
DINEEN manages the laborers, worksite, budget and deadline so you don’t have to worry. We design a project plan and schedule with the aim of delivering on time and on budget. We procure material and equipment, formulate risk management strategies, hire subcontractors & trades, fulfill legal and regulatory concerns and effectively communicate with all parties.

Project Tracking
DINEEN tracks the project throughout to complete the work as per terms, schedules and budget. We ensure quality control, cost-effective construction techniques are utilized, and health and safety protocols are followed. DINEEN always keeps project scope, budget, and time in mind when making decisions.

Health and Safety Concerns
As one of our core values, safety is always of top concern for DINEEN. Our priority in all projects is to ensure health and safety protocols are followed at all times. We implement the right measures and training to complete projects safely.